In Art We Trust

Street Art Paris

shepard fairey art
Shepard Fairey
Dark Angel
Masked Rider
Mona Lois
Mona Lois
Masked Asian
dans quel monde Vuitton
In Art We Trust
In Art We Trust
Marais Street Art Paste ups
Marais 4eme
Dark Abgel
Pink Umbrella and 2 Men Pasteups
BNE Was Here, Marry Poppins
Stree Artist as work Spray Painting
Street Artist Spray Painting
Let Us Pray
Let Us Pray
Sidewalk Chalk Artist
Sidewalk Chalk Artist
Love ”

Les Frigos, Paris

Artist Collective in an Massive Refrigeration Plant

 “The Paris-Ivry refrigeration station was born in 1921 . In the time of its splendor, the trains rushed into the body of the building. The many pipes, rust-ridden, that run along the corridors, testify that we were then in the heart of a giant refrigerator.”

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Industrial Temple of Creators

Where Art Lives

USA Art patrons Lois Whiitman-Hess and Elliot Hess  at Les Frigos
Art Patrons Lois Whiitman-Hess and Elliot Hess at Les Frigos

Over 200 artists/ creators, each doing their thing, most every day. Street Artists, music artists, sculptors, painters, and more

Every inch of this enormous artistic-industrial citadel is covered with art.

The neighborhood along the Seine is rapidly being gentrified. Meanwhile the massive plant is aging.

La Maison Des Frigos Entrance

“A unique urban and cultural site created by ant work from an industrial wasteland, its character is not at all comparable to the official projects of the territorial communities.
A place of intensive passage, it was common to put tag’s and graph’s on previously abandoned surfaces. How will new residents and businesses in the neighborhood tackle this situation? What alliances will be tied with the newscultural and educational entities nearby?”

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Monkey Art
Scream Art Room
Frigos Refrigeration Man
Frigos Refrigeration Man

Robert Risse

Les Frigos Global Ambassador

In New York we lost 5-Pointz Queens to a new Condo development, Paris must not lose Les Frigos

5-pointz Queens
5-Pointz Queens

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