Often people complement my photography by saying, “Great Shot.” It’s not my intention to criticize any complement, however I do think that many people don’t understand what it takes to create a great or interesting image.

My Acropolis image, which I consider to be quite beautiful, is the result of making the best of bad conditions to create a great picture.

The Acropolis is difficult to shoot. It’s big and it is distant. Lighting and air quality issues can make it difficult to shoot a photo that captures the “travel brochure beauty” of the Acropolis.

On the day I shot this image, there was diffuse lighting and environmental haze. There was no blue sky. The lighting quality made it next to impossible to get sharp detail. But a photographer must work with whats there. In this case, I recognized the poor conditions and worked with them to create this more craftsman image of the Acropolis

Limited Edition Prints Available

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