The Getty

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them

The Getty Center, Los Angeles

Inspired by the garden traditions of California and the ancient Mediterranean, the landscaping contributes to the Center’s striking mix of ancient and modern. Visitors to the Getty Center are surrounded by a sensual environment of recurring colors, textures, and scents. As time passes, the landscape will evolve, creating an intimate, ever-changing tableau that enhances the visitor’s experience of the Getty’s artistic and educational mission

Landscaping the Getty Center has been a collaborative effort involving a number of distinguished landscape architects, consultants and craftspeople through the years. Emmet Wemple, landscape architect for the Getty Villa in Malibu, began the project and conceived preliminary designs. Richard Meier conceived the master plan, which called for developing 19 of 24 acres as landscape or gardens. Dennis Hickok of Richard Meier & Partners served as liaison and for design and development of the works for the architects and landscape architects. Laurie Olin and the Olin Partnership, Philadelphia, PA, joined the team in 1992, and have remained through the project’s completion. Fong and Associates of Orange County and Raymond Hansen assisted in plant selection, procurement, and administration. Daniel Urban Kiley consulted on the project beginning in 1990. The landscaping would not have been possible without the work of numerous other consultants, contractors and craftspeople who helped create this impressive environment.

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